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Orilink® Monitoring system - Fluid distribution


Alentec & Orion AB is an international company with headquarters in Sweden. Orion companies in United Kingdom, Belgium and France together with an extensive distributor base are supporting the market.


The Orilink® system is an advanced fluid management system with no upper limit for number of reels, oil grades or reels used simultaneously. An overview of the workshop fluid system layout is presented as miniatures on the screen where all activities are graphically visible in real time! As all data is stored in the Windows, environment comprehensive management reports can be obtained by using the advanced report engine in the system, or by exporting data to a report engine or other computer systems used on site, as an accounting one.

Orion develop, manufacture and market equipment and services in pumping, measuring and dosing to the automotive and general industry.

The product range consists of a wide range of stationary, mobile and portable pumps with accessories for; filling, dosing, control, and waste oil handling.

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