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AUTOPSTENHOJ is a premium global brand.

AUTOPSTENHOJ offers the best overall experience to the premium workshop-equipment market.
AUTOPSTENHOJ does not only profess to be premium but illustrates and proves this every day! It is a promise.

The AUTOPSTENHOJ promise :

  • Premium products

  • Premium technology

  • Premium service

offered through a global partner network with premium solutions, to make sure that all AUTOPSTENHOJ customers profit from the best experience during the entire product life cycle.


The customers’ benefit is obvious:

  • High quality

  • Save money

  • Attractive return on investment

  • Worldwide dealer network


autop and STENHØJ raise the bar and set new standards in their market place

autop is one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic inground vehicle lifts and Stenhøj is known throughout the world as a leading manufacturer of surface-mounted lifts, air compressors and hydraulic presses.

More than 480,000 workshop equipment products worldwide have been in use for decades, proving the two brands product quality, longevity and reliability.



We have approvals from the leading vehicle manufacturers as supplier for both inground and surface- mounted lifts.
Our wide product range is recommended around the globe by the leading vehicle manufacturers.


The requirements of these vehicle manufacturers are continually increasing when it comes to quality of products and suppliers. It is our goal to meet their requirements and exceed them, both now and in the future!

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