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Collision repair systems

Car-O-Liner Group is the leading global manufacturer of collision repair and wheel alignment systems. The group's brands include Car-O-Liner, Josam, TruckCam and Car-O-Liner Academy. 

All of our systems and solutions are well known for their high quality, advanced technology and ergonomic design. By integrating our solutions with each other you will not only get a flexible, universal collision repair system/wheel alignment system, but will also be able to support the entire vehicle repair process thereby reducing cycle times and increasing profits.

The Car-O-Liner Group headquarters is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Subsidiaries are located in Sweden, Norway, the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Singapore, India, Thailand and China, and sells through local distributors in more than 70 countries. 


Car-O-Liner is the leading global provider of high-quality, technologically-advanced collision repair solutions to the automotive industry.  For more than forty years, we have supplied the industry with innovative solutions, technical development, training and customer support.  

Car-O-Liner solutions include:

  • Electronic and mechanical measuring systems

  • Comprehensive vehicle measurement data

  • Alignment benches and frame pulling equipment

  • Vehicle anchoring systems

  • Spot and MIG/MAG welding systems

  • Workshop organization and inventory control solutions

  • Aluminum Repair Solutions

  • Smart Repair Solutions


Josam is the world leader in equipment and methods for alignment and straightening of commercial vehicles. Their patented laser technology for wheel alignment is well-known globally. They also specialize in solutions for the measurement and straightening of axles, vehicle frames and cabs, etc.

The starting point is the client’s request and a broad range of experience in the field of wheel alignment and straightening. This experience has been continuously expanded at our own wheel alignment and straightening training centers which also benefits the clients in our training programs all over the world.

Josam's systems and solutions include:

  • Wheel Alignment with laser technology

  • Frame Straightening

  • Induction Heating

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