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Compressed air Solutions


In the range of compressed air solution, our focus is on top-of-the-line compressors and piping systems. Thus, our company decided to partner-up with the best brands in the field, so as the compressors go, our choice went to “Atlas Copco” group, that is undoubtedly the most professional supplier of compressors on the global market.


As for the piping system, we wanted a reliable partner, the one that can guarantee the highest air quality, low friction materials, lower operating costs, no leaks and easy installation. All these features, we found in our partner company “Teseo”. The 20 year warranty speaks for itself, but all other features of these pipes help our clients save a lot of money on basic things, such as electricity. Here is some data that many people don’t even consider.


  • Leaks can increase the consumption of electricity from 15% up to even 45%

  • Galvanized and black steel piping due to rust can significantly increase the pressure drop in the piping, so you would need to increase the working point of the compressor by a few bars! According to some studies, each bar you increase the working pressure leads to 7% more consumption of electricity.

Having just these points in your mind, you can understand, that maybe you are paying 1 new compressor each year just in extra electricity you are consuming and you don’t even know about it.

Furthermore, Teseo piping allows you to have a flexible production and machine positions, as you can change the configuration of your piping lines without even stopping the compressor and discharging the compressed air system in most cases.


Together with you, we will find out the best possible configuration for your business, for both compressor and the piping system. You will get a tailor-made system to provide a steady, reliable, cost-effective and long-lasting solution.

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