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Exhaust extraction



Vehicle exhaust extraction for cars, trucks, buses, fire trucks, ambulances and other emergency vehicles


Exhaust emissions from a cold-start engine can reach toxic levels within a closed building. Even though the vehicles are run only a short time indoors and with open doors, the odorless carbon monoxide vehicle exhaust) builds up in the building. Without control and removal of the vehicle exhaust fumes they can lead to worker illness, heavier facility maintenance and damage to the sensitive electronics of diagnostic and servicing equipment in the workshop.


Exhaust extraction at source

The most effective method of capturing and removing of vehicle exhaust fumes is capture at source. Capturing the vehicle exhaust gases provides a safer and more pleasant working environment.


Stationary vehicle exhaust extraction systems

Engines are run stationary, when carrying out tests and fault tracing. This is common in vehicle repair shops and testing stations. Key aspects for the stationary extraction systems are; easy handling, good reach and possibility to quickly remove after use. 


Vehicles in motion exhaust extraction systems

In many cases there is need also for exhaust extraction from vehicles driving indoors. This is often the case for emergency vehicles, inspection centers, bus garages, and manufacturing facilities, where vehicles are driven off the assembly line. Key features in such a solution are easy connection, automatic and safe disconnection of the nozzle, and in some cases an automatic and safe return of the extraction unit. 


Special category for „Emergency Services“


These systems incorporate a very specific feature of „automatic disconnection“. This means that the way work is totally independent of the operator. The driver just comes into the vehicle and drives off, without touching or disconnecting anything manualy. The system reacts to the turning of the ignition key and starts the fan. When the vehicle strats moving towards the exit, at the end of the rail, on which the extraction hose slides, is a permanent magnet. When the sensor on hte sliding hose detects the magnet, it releases the magnetic connection and the hose is pushed away from the vehicle and lifted out of the vehicles way. This eliminates any possible delays in driving the vehicle from the station, as well as possible injuries to personnel, thus providing a clean and safe all areas of the emergency stations. Clean from all harmfull fumes and gases from vehicles exhaust pipes.

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