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Climeon Ocean clean energy from hot water!

Having in mind that 50% of world energy is being released in a form of heat, Vertec Solutions and Climeon are providing a solution to transfer this energy into a profitable business concept, while reducing the CO2 emision into the atmosphere significantly. 


Vertec Solutions doo brings to the regional market revolutionary system of 100% green energy production by recuperating heat energy from warm waist water. 

Any cooling process from any industry branch, power plants, geothermal sources and all other warm water "producers" can be used to create energy. 

Climeon solutions can also be used on large ships, creating a savings in fuel measured by hundreds of thousands of EUR annually

The units scale from 150kW to large MW systems, are easy to assemble, modular and eco-friendly.


Contact us for more information on system application in your specific industry.

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