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Spark Detection & Extinguishment Systems


In many different industries where bulk materials are processed, fires and dust explosions occur again and again worldwide with far reaching consequences.

Interruptions of the production process that are caused this way lead to substantial follow up costs, quite apart from the direct damage to persons and property. With GreCon spark detection and extinguishment systems, the risks of fire can be prevented by a special technique: detection, as quick as a flash, and automatic extinguishment of the ignition energy before fire can arise.


Your Benefit:

  • Events recorded exactly to the millisecond

  • Risk management of your production process

  • Remote Control Monitor and Safety Information System option available

  • Eliminates ignition sources

  • Fire and explosion prevention

  • Avoid property, equipment and personal damage

  • Maintain greatest production availability

  • Discount for fire protection risk insurance possible


The Challenge: 

In times of worldwide competition, modern production plants become more and more efficient. Besides new factories, a continuous improvement and increase in productivity are therefore demanded from already existing and often obsolete production lines.

Nevertheless, production safety must not suffer from this. Above all, it is necessary to nip the creation of fires and explosions in the bud. Unprotected facilities for comminution, drying, cooling and pressing are especially at risk with their pneumatic or mechanical conveying or extraction systems.

Furthermore, there is a high danger potential for unprotected filters, silos or bins in these factories.


The Solution:

GreCon spark detection and extinguishment systems substantially contribute to an elimination of such varied danger sources. As preventive fire protection for filter systems and silos in numerous production plants, they have been part of the standard equipment in the area of safety technology for decades to protect mechanical or pneumatic conveying systems. Spark detection and extinguishment systems can detect and eliminate ignition sources before fires or explosions occur.


The Conclusion:

With GreCon spark detection and extinguishment systems, a very high measure of system and operational safety and reliability is achieved. This is nowadays of very high importance in modern production plants, especially concerning safety regulations. The permanent availability of production facilities of high investment value is to be guaranteed, especially in difficult economic times and under (international) competitive pressure.

Standalone fire protection systems


Very often we need to protect some standalone units, or systems, instllations in remote locations, or locations where for any reason there is no centralized system for detection or extinguishing.

For these types of fire porection systems, we established the cooperation with a company ProtecFire, a daughter company of GreCon-a. ProtecFire is one of European leaders in this type of systems and it’s products fulfill the requirements of many international standards.

The ProtecFire philosophy puts innovation, creativity and flexibility in the foreground. Under these conditions it is possible for us to emphasize the most important aspects in development and construction: unique technology, compact­ness, minimal maintenance, efficiency and simplicity of handling and installation.

All systems are designed to meet current legal regulations, guidelines and recommendations.

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